Language learning has become indispensable in today’s life and helps to maintain a comfortable and cordial social relationship with all people. One’s success and failure depends on their ability to communicate in an effective and lucid way in a language. Keeping in view of this fact, each course material is designed by our team of language experts with specific modules to make the learners communicate effectively and efficiently in the language. This programme is completely designed to suit all the requirements of the learners. The direct programme is made available in four stages. The programme is based on “Speech production methodology”(SPM). The material is designed with maximum care that it will supply in complete measure the linguistic inputs that are required for the learner to use the language to be at ease with all the people and in all situations. Our special sessions during our course include audio and video sessions, guest lectures, workshops, seminars, and language lab sessions.
Audio and Video Sessions
Our audio and video sessions are developed to address pronunciation, accent and body language problems of our learners and also make them understand the usage of language in various situations. This gives confidence to our learners to present their best under any circumstances.
Guest Lectures /  Workshops
Guest lectures are arranged for advanced language learners by language experts. Weekend workshops are also conducted to give exposure to students. These special sessions of language learning have helped our students to explore beyond the course material to widen their knowledge in the usage of English. They cultivate the attitude to learn the intricacies of the language through out their lifetime.
Language Lab
Our language lab is a unique facility that is provided by our institute. In the language lab, students can get accurate pronunciation and accent practice with the help of our faculties who have vivid experience in language coaching. Apart from this we have special computer software developed for this purpose.