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    In India, we still talk about English as a language only without keeping in mind the ground reality. We face a peculiar situation where English has become more an indispensable skill than a tool of communication for everyone, for every age-group irrespective of regions and social strata they belong to. And when we talk about it as a skill, challenges compound, leaving learners clueless. But that was then. After years of in-depth research, rigorous interaction and on-the-spot assessment across the country in both rural and urban landscape, we brought in a holistic plan and develop an easy-to-go system of learning English from basic to advanced stage and the result was the emergence of Base English Spoken -a pioneer in Spoken English Skills Training.

    Established in the beginning of 2014  as a Base English Spoken  continues to embark on its mission to achieve the target of ‘English For All.’ The institute is providing conducive environment to learners who are the natural beneficiaries of its courses aimed at enhancing their language and interpersonal skills. A core team of dedicated and innovative trainers, scholars and teachers ensures that institute adopts new techniques and research and development to keep pace with changing times without compromising on quality of learning. We are here to guide and motivate all those who seek our assistance to build up their competency and carve out a niche for themselves.

    Director acclaimed educationist, entrepreneur  who made concerted effort and did pioneering work on making English easily accessible and receptive to thousands of people across the country especially in the Hindi heartland, Base English Spoken  is today a stand alone institute in spoken English skills training in India. The purpose of Base English Spoken  which has its headquarters in Bairia.

    The institute makes the case that an important solution to India’s challenges of education, employment and employability lies in adopting skill training and apprenticeships on a large scale. Degrees and skills complement each other: one has social signaling value, the other employability signaling value, so we can innovate in their convergence. For example, Germany has Europe’s lowest unemployment rate because of apprenticeships. It’s not without reason that institute and its founder have been receiving accolades and laurels from national and international forums.


    Base  English Speaking is an English Communication Skills Training Institute catering to people who are very good in their work and want to develop their English and Communication Skills. Also, enhance their confidence, public speaking, presentations, business English, email drafting and group discussion skills.

    • Established in April 2014
    • A dedicated team of more than professional trainers
    • We have by now trained over 1600 professionals in English Communication Skills
    • Several success stories  to read more. We conduct the following training programs
    • English Communication Trainings for Individuals at our Centers
    • Corporate Sponsored English Communication Trainings
    • In-House Corporate Trainings in English and Communication Skills
    • Business Head Training.