A young learner like you knows English but has some limits.

  • Every time you listen, you need to translate it to your mother tongue.
  • You may struggle with your vast course-books which are mostly written in English.
  • A major part of your study-time goes away in translating.
  • Quite often you don’t understand the concept of your subject at all due to the language barrier.

At such stage, you need to approach in a scientific way to achieve better performance. You need to start thinking in English. Learn short responses in English. Practice theme-based vocabulary along with Memory Training. You need to hit your weakness from all sides – The Right Way – Within a Reasonable time-frame.
The key to learning a language is to find the Right Balance between Studying & Practicing. Fluency is not all about Grammar; it is about being able to Communicate.
Most Important is: Don’t be afraid to make mistake.

Who should join:

Students, Job Aspirants, People working in Media, Law, Teaching or Customer-service sectors .


Train the Brain

  • Concepts of thinking in English & Confidence Building
  • Reading, Writing & Understanding English
  • Learning common expressions used in daily life


Word Power

  • High frequency words with pronunciation and usage
  • Picture games
  • Thematic Vocabulary
  • Interactive fun games
  • Thematic Vocabulary

Build your Language-Grip

  • Phrasal verb
  • Proverbs & Idioms
  • Similes, Metaphors and Euphemism.

Tongue training

  • Learn mirror usage to match your mouth speak the right way
  • Making the sound, R sound,‘th’ sound
  • Breaking words into sounds.


Build your Grammar

  • Parts of Speech, Articles
  • Build Sense for Tense
  • Voice, Numbers, Person
  • Learn Nouns, Verbs , Adjectives, Adverbs & Prepositions Classroom Games


Head start with Writing

  • Sentence Structure & Comprehensive Practice
  • Letter Writing, CV Writing & Job Application


Shed the Hesitation

  • Speaking Practice And Confidence Building Exercises
  • Role play activities and group games to boost your speaking power
  • Understanding Barriers of communication and combating it.
  • Mock Situational conversations


Fun Learning

  • Conversational Dialogue Lessons
  • Physical activities games
  • Acting out Dialogues
  • Memory games for vocabulary

Enhancing Employability Skills :

  • CV writing, email, office Memo Essay
  • Report writing
  • Interview preparation and FAQ
  • Mock interviews
  • Group Discussion on Simple Topics
  • Extempore & Impromptu